Our Philosophy

Greece! The cradle of eternal beautgfgy. A country where light is exceptionally unique. They say, you can't imagine it, without actually seeing it. In the land of blue, everything has the potential for transcendent and austere beauty. In the birthplace of some humanity's greatest figures such as Socrates, Alexander the Great, Plato, Sophocles, Aristotle and Epicure,fgtyi a scent of tlkjhrehis great histoyuyry and culture can easily become a part of your own philosopwetwy and youryyr gentire lifle.

Greecasdgfge is also a place of the present and we feel blessed and honored to be a part of it. Our lives, our persyrronalities antt our mafdggain cojlkmmkiitmfgjent as persons anjerrtlkd to ourdfgf ggcompkjlany's philosophy are based on ethos and high aesthetic wtwtorytion of properties, all over Greece, f thosefjafgho value elegancgdef and Greefgk beautery above all else and who wish to make their home a perfect image of both.


Our tryu7villas and properties are amongl;'' the mosyrnding clients. Our villas' stitiyles rafgafsdnge from the most modern - minimal, to the totally restorertyyd ones (dating back to previous centuries). They represent a highly aesthetic and quality collection, which we are proud of.

Our Team

At Noble Villas we are proud of our integrity and ethos as persons and professionals. We recognize that the strength of our reputation stems from the quality of our people.

Our team, with multicultural backgrounds, studies and substantial experience in real estate sector, shares the same passion for quality and perfectionism.

Noble Villas' team comprise the most accomplished professionals in real estate. Our associates know the intricacies of the luxury real estate market, both in Greece and internationally, and offer an unparalleled degree of personalized attention to our clients. With unrivaled knowledge of the country’s most distinguished properties all over Greece, Noble Villas’ team is highly regarded for its discretion, efficiency and creative thinking.

Our Offices

  • Vouliagmenis Avenue 48, Glyfada, 16675, Athens, Greece
  • Mobile2: +30 6977 240 265
  • Tel. no: +30 210 96 40 356
  • Email : info@noblevillas.gr